If you have air / acoustic sealing or fire stopping requirements, HRS have been specialising in these fields since 1995. What makes HRS different to many other companies, is that HRS use FIRAS and IRATA trained rope access sealers to enable them to air seal and fire stop your building in a fast, safe and cost-effective manner. In many cases the work can be carried out while the building is in use.

Air Sealing Consultants in the UKIn addition to HRS’s extensive knowledge and experience in these fields, HRS can provide you with non-standard ways to air / acoustic seal and fire stop. By using IRATA trained rope access sealers, we can get to the hard to reach places with ease.

The quality of HRS’s work is proven by being a leading supermarket preferred air sealing company since 1995 and a large portion of HRS’s work comes from repeat work and recommendations from contractors.

If you are unsure what sealing services you require please call 0800 030 4391 or email info@hrsservices.co.uk and of HRS Services Sealing Consultants would be happy to let you know where HRS can help you.

airsealing-consultants-ukThe answer to this question, like so many of the other services HRS provide, is the sooner you can contact HRS the better, it’s never too soon to call or e-mail. Even if you don’t need us on site right now, we can give you the advice to ensure that we are on site at the right time, minimizing your risks and saving costs.
approved-document-partLSince the introduction of Part L in 2002, HRS air sealing teams have become more involved in the air sealing of new buildings. By having the extensive knowledge and experience of working in the retail market for many years, it was an easy task for HRS to be able to provide air sealing and fire stopping services to contractors working on schools, hospitals etc.

HRS often now form an integral part of the project team from providing air testing design reviews and site advice visits to air sealing and fire stopping works to HRS carrying out the air tightness testing.

Approved Document L – Conservation of fuel and power
• new 2013 editions of Approved Documents L1A and L2A
• further amendments to the 2010 editions of Approved Documents L1B and L2B

They came into effect on 6 April 2014.

• Approved Document L1A: Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings
• Approved Document L1B: Conservation of fuel and power in existing dwellings
• Approved Document L2A: Conservation of fuel and power in new buildings other than dwellings
• Approved Document L2B: Conservation of fuel and power in existing buildings other than dwellings

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Temporary Sealing For Air Tightness Test

What is key to ensure air tests with temporary sealing are effectively organised is to contact HRS early to discuss the scope of works. HRS offer advice to enable a schedule of temporary sealing works which identifies what needs sealing where; the number and size of intakes/extracts/louvres; access required; what materials and equipment are needed and programming the sealing works to coordinate with other site works including commissioning. Failing to adequately plan for temporary sealing usually leads to stress on the day of the air test and failure of the air test.

HRS have teams of temporary sealers with the experience gained on attending and supporting 100’s of air tests on projects nationwide. Most of HRS temporary sealing teams are experienced air sealers as well and can offer smoke testing skills and practical advice on how to carry out remedial sealing.

HRS teams have the relevant training and certification to set up and access scaffold towers, scissor lifts, cherry pickers and where access is particularly difficult rope access. All HRS personnel are provided with body harnesses and lanyards to safely access man safe systems.

HRS teams come equipped with specialist equipment to enable all elements of the building to be quickly and effectively sealed. Equipment can include extendable props, sheet materials – polythene, foil faced boards, COREX, thin plywood and different tapes and glues including low tack variants to avoid damaging finishes.

All mechanical ventilation needs to switched off and in some cases isolated and attendance by the installer is normally required.

HRS temporary sealing teams normally attend and support during the air test itself and are on hand to strip the temporary sealing after the air test is complete.

The air test is a pressure test on the thermal envelope of the building, which should be complete. All intentional ventilation openings including H and V ductwork, louvres, trickle vents can be temporarily sealed. All drainage traps should be filled with water.

Smoke vents are not intentional ventilation openings and should NOT be temporarily sealed. Other elements which should not be sealed are all external doors, windows etc. Please note that if they are sealed this will invalidate the air test and the air tester will note these in the air test report.

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HRS can provide you with a complete range of building environmental and sustainability services, meaning you can save time and money, avoid inconvenience and your risks are minimised.

From concept design stage to completion, HRS can work alongside you every step of the way. You and your project would be supported by HRS’s extensive knowledge that has been built up over 30 years, whether you need consultancy or on site advice and guidance, HRS’s large team of consultants and on site technicians are here to support you to make sure that your project hands over on time and within budget.

At HRS we believe strongly in being pro-active and customer focused, providing you with innovative cost-effective solutions.

All you need to do is make one phone call to 0800 030 4391 or email: info@hrsservices.co.uk sending one set of drawings stating what services you require, and HRS will take it from there.

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