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HRS can advise you on what is required in order to comply with local environmental policies, such as the London Borough Codes of Construction Practice, and specific planning conditions, in order to avoid notices under Sections 79 and 80 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Sections 60 and 66 of the Control of Pollution Act 1971.

The integrated noise, dust and vibration service we provide brings together our acousticians and our air quality specialists. We have the capability to provide both baseline and ongoing measurement through the use of remotely monitored equipment and the experience to develop practicable noise, dust and vibration mitigation plans.
Noise, dust and vibration monitoring.

We use the latest equipment to monitor noise, dust and vibration at agreed locations: at present we are carrying out monitoring for a large distribution warehouse for a multinational company where the facility is located on the edge of an existing housing estate. We commonly monitor noise, dust and vibration on tight urban sites with multiple stakeholders. Often such monitoring will be required by the local authority for a period before work commences on site.

The majority of the UK’s urban areas have been designated Air Quality Management Areas by the relevant local authority in connection with the National Air Quality Objectives introduced in 1997. If PM10s are one of the issues in the AQMA the local authority may require continuous dust monitoring during the construction programme. Under other circumstances less sophisticated dust monitoring, using Frisbee Gauges may be acceptable.

Noise, Vibration and Dust Mitigation

Most local authorities will accept that development work will generate some level of noise and vibration. At the same time they have to pay attention to the needs of nearby receptors, some of which may be highly sensitive to noise, dust and/or vibration, for example laboratories, operating theatres, auditoria and residential buildings.

Our approach is to understand the precise nature of those receptors before working with our client to devise the most cost effective means of mitigating the associated nuisance. This means striking the requisite balance between construction/demolition technique, working hours and attenuation method.

We work to BS5228: 2009 parts 1 and 2 which provide a code of practice for the control of noise and vibration. In certain situations ‘best practicable means’ may be specified and in this situation we will identify the most effective practical means of reducing disturbance.

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Noise, Vibration and Dust Services carried out throughout the UK by HRS Services

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HRS can provide you with a complete range of building environmental and sustainability services, meaning you can save time and money, avoid inconvenience and your risks are minimised.

From concept design stage to completion, HRS can work alongside you every step of the way. You and your project would be supported by HRS’s extensive knowledge that has been built up over 30 years, whether you need consultancy or on site advice and guidance, HRS’s large team of consultants and on site technicians are here to support you to make sure that your project hands over on time and within budget.

At HRS we believe strongly in being pro-active and customer focused, providing you with innovative cost-effective solutions.

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