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Confined Spaces & Mast Works
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Confined Spaces

Working in Confined Spaces
Working in confined spaces Working in confined spaces and shafts Working in confined spaces and shafts  
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Confined spaces are defined as any space in which, by virtue of its enclosed nature, there arises a reasonably foreseeable specified risk.

This might include culverts, voids within bridges, tunnel shafts or numerous industrial situations where a risk of engulfment, entrapment or poor ventilation may be present.

HRS Services operations managers are trained to recognise and be aware of confined spaces. This enables them to identify confined space hazards at the start of a project then produce a risk assessment and method statement to allow effective management of the risks on site. Site teams are trained in confined space entry techniques allowing them to work safely and get out quickly in the event of an emergency. Combined with light weight, efficient roped access techniques this allows us to get teams into otherwise very hard to access places.

Some interesting projects to date have included the unblocking of slurry spraying jets inside a flue gas de-sulphurisation power station, the inspection of numerous culverts running beneath roads and railway lines and the inspection of railway tunnel air shafts countrywide.

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Confined Spaces - Case Studies

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Stanage Railway Tunnel Air Shaft

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Main towers to QEII, Dartford River, Bridge

HRS Services have carried out works on the QE II Bridge at Dartford from the day the concrete piers were coming out of the ground and to date.