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HRS replacing sealant joints on a high rise building HRS Rope Access is a fast and cost effective way to access difficult areas on a building’s exterior, without the need for costly and intrusive scaffolding At Cardiff Castle rope access allowed HRS to remove encroaching ivy quickly, without any risk of damage to the structure and in a cost effective way to our client
HRS operatives inspecting pre-cast concrete panels on a multi-storey hospital building Rope access concrete inspection to a water tower in Sheffield One of the HRS team taking depth cover readings on reinforced concrete. Just one of a range of structural tests we carry out
Cleaning of a giant pipe organ for a music concert hall, without disruption to a busy program of events. Rope access is a simple, quick and very safe way to get to even the most inaccessible locations, such as this gantry over a bridge Old structures such as this brick lined shaft often have many defects which require detailed monitoring. Rope access allows HRS to get up close and examine a structure hands on
HRS also install banners of any size and shape, at any location where permission is granted Carrying out annual surveys at one of over 120 high rise residential blocks HRS roped access worker is able to reach this position whilst the scaffold has taken days to construct and is still several floors short
Rope access is ideal for accessing bridges, especially where water, road or rail would complicate access by other means HRS carrying out a detailed conditions survey on a residential tower block One of HRS's highly experienced operatives installing a large advertising banner on an office block
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Providing safe and cost-effective solutions for inspection, maintenance and surveying throughout the UK.

As an industrial rope access company, HRS Services provide Inspection, Construction, Maintenance and Survey services across the UK. Dedicated to providing high-quality cost-effective solutions tailored to individual clients specific needs, we put highly skilled teams on site, backed up by responsive professional management.

HRS Services is one of the leading rope access companies in Britain, with a track record of exceeding expectations since the birth of the trade. Founded in 1985, HRS Services now has a core of highly skilled and experienced technicians to deploy across the wide range of activities offered. Working from a central base in Sheffield, teams mobilise at short notice, fully equipped to deal with the task at hand.

Industrial rope access minimises client problems when carrying out structural inspection, high level cleaning, painting and maintenance. The benefits are short set up times and flexible rigging, which pay off in reduced access costs and site obstruction. Where extensive scaffolding might have been required to carry out urgent but small-scale works, a two-man team can deal with the problem and be away within the day. Even greater benefits accrue in safety. Roped access has, a low accident rate compared to other works techniques. This is due to the fact that an operative will always be connected to two anchors, and will have been subject to stringent selection and training standards.


HRS Services took a leading role in the development of the training and assessment structure that governs industrial rope access today. A founder member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), HRS Services are full members and adhere to the guidelines that have done so much to establish a safe and well respected industry.


HRS Services is ideally positioned to save clients time, inconvenience and money whilst increasing safety by deploying rope access.

For example:

  • Local authorities rely on accurate survey reports produced to deadlines for multi-storey structures. Safety checks to structures can be carried out quickly and safely.
  • Civil engineers draw on technical skills for road and rail structure inspection.
  • Facility and site managers get best value for their high level painting, cleaning and installation.

Industrial rope access minimises client problems when carrying out structural inspection, high level cleaning, painting and maintenanceAs awareness grows, operatives are seen at work on bridges, steelwork and buildings all over the country, perhaps the most effective advert any company can have. Draw on our skills, for outstanding service, expert advice and a quality approach to the works from start to hand over.

HRS Services staff are always willing to visit sites, examine jobs and suggest ways round problems. To get in touch, go to the contact page.

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Rope Access Inspect & repair the tallest free-standing structure in UK

Inspection & repair to areas of concrete on the NTL Emley Moor Transmission Tower

Abseiling skills used to clean Royal Albert Hall Organ

Using HSE 'Good Practices' techniques as set out in IRATA

Investigation Of Brick Slips & Brick Panels On 64 Tower Blocks

A brick work panel collapse led to a full safety check & investigation