The acoustic performance of a building is essential to the wellbeing of its occupants. Under Part E of the Building Regulations, a specific set of requirements are outlined for the limits of noise disturbance within all types of residential accommodation; including dwellings, student accommodation and care homes.

Noise and acoustics performance within offices and healthcare buildings are not covered by the Building Regulations. This can lead to a greater risk of end-user complaints due to noise disturbance or lack of privacy where no specific acoustic requirement has been identified. HRS Services offer a comprehensive Remedial Acoustic Testing and Acoustic Stopping service to improve the standards of the acoustic performance of buildings of any size and purpose.

Where might acoustic services be required?

Poor acoustic performance can be caused by a number of factors including lack of clarity of requirements, poor acoustic design and detailing, or poor workmanship. Typically weak elements for sound insulation performance include lightweight ceilings, unsealed doors, façade junctions, ductwork and insulation. In spaces such as classrooms and offices, where speech intelligibility is an important issue, hard finishes of floors, walls or ceilings may benefit from acoustic treatment. These issues can be investigated and are often resolved to improve acoustic performance:

  • Office buildings, private office and meeting rooms – sound proofing and acoustic treatment may need to be considered to contain confidential conversations
  • In apartments or housing with adjoining party walls – the walls need to be sufficient enough to deaden any noise from adjacent properties
  • Teaching environments – high sound insulation, low reverberation times and low ambient noise levels are crucial for creating high quality classrooms, sports halls and assembly halls where ease of communication is essential
  • Healthcare facilities – medical rooms, wards, offices and large hospitals need to consider privacy and noise disturbance

How can HRS help?

HRS Services are able to carry out an expert Remedial Acoustic Testing and Acoustic Stopping service to minimise levels of noise disturbance and improve the acoustic performance of your building. We offer an efficient site investigation and acoustic testing service to identify causes and solutions to sound insulation problems and help design functional spaces.

To achieve accurate results, we often complete any acoustic testing when occupants of the building are not present. However, we are able to carry out our acoustic services to meet your requirements and are available to work during or out of working hours and occupancy periods. Throughout our service provision, you will be in touch with a single point of contact who will guide you throughout the entire process.

Our acoustic service

HRS operates an efficient service for any Remedial Acoustic Testing and Acoustic Stopping:

Advice and testing: Our skilled Acoustic Advisory team can assess the current acoustic environment and performance of your building through testing and design reviews. We prescribe cost-efficient measures to improve the acoustic performance of the building, taking account of building hours of use and access.

Installation: Our field technicians are experienced in installing effective remedial acoustic measures both on construction sites and in live environments, with rope access techniques available for complex developments.

Retesting: After carrying out the remedial work we can carry out testing to confirm the improvement in performance.

HRS Services, alongside Stroma Tech, are uniquely placed in the UK to offer Facilities Managers, Designers, Contractors and end users a fully integrated Acoustics Consultancy, Testing and Installation service, from project start to completion, with Desktop Design Reviews through to post-occupancy Site Investigation and Remedial Works Installation.

If you have any further queries regarding our Remedial Acoustic Testing and Acoustic Stopping service, please call 0800 030 4391 or email and a member of our team will be in touch.