BREEAM CfSH Ecology Assessments

By carrying out an Ecology Report at Design Stage, you can gain between 1 to 8 BREEAM Credits. HRS Ecologists and BREEAM Assessors will work closely with you to ensure that you achieve the maximum number of credits that are available. Working with our clients we aim to promote biodiversity and realistic ecological enhancements. Our ecology reports provide details and recommendations for the individual credit requirements under the ‘Land Use and Ecology’ section, as follows:

  • Re-use of land – LE 01 awards credits for previously occupied land (‘brownfield sites’) and contaminated land
  • Ecological value of site and protection of ecological features – LE02 awards credits for construction on land of ‘low ecological value’ and for protection of ecological features
  • Mitigating ecological impact – there are credits available under LE03 for no or limited negative change in ecological value as a consequence of the development
  • Enhancing site ecology – up to two credits are available under LE 04 for enhancing the ecological value of a site, based on an Ecology report and associated recommendations
  • Long-term impact on biodiversity – this requires the preparation of a landscape and habitat management plan covering at least the first five years after project completion

The designation of a site as of ‘low ecological value’ in this context requires the preparation of an assessment report by a Suitably Qualified Ecologist, based on a site survey. In certain specific circumstances – defined by table 50 within BREEAM 2014 New Construction – the requirement for an Ecologist’s report can be waived.

The protection of features of ecological value within a site needs to be in line with BS42020: 2013 Biodiversity. Code of Practice for Planning and Development. We can advise on compliance with this standard, which must be achieved prior to any site preparation works commencing.

If you need an Ecological Assessment/Appraisal report or any other Ecology or BREEAM/CfSH information, please contact HRS on 0800 030 4391 or email and the appropriate member of the team would be more than happy to answer any of your questions and provide the help that you require.

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