BREEAM UK Non domestic refurbishment and fit-out

The BREEAM UK Non Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-out scheme was launched in 2014. It can be used to assess existing building refurbishments or fit-out projects. The scheme is split into four different parts and each one is only assessed if it is relevant to the works being carried out.

As with all BREEAM schemes it is important to contact a BREEAM assessor at an early stage to work out which parts are relevant and to carry out a pre-assessment to ensure your targeted rating is achieved as easily and cost effectively as possible.

  • BREEAM for existing buildings and fit-out projects
  • There are four separate parts to the assessment. Only the parts that are relevant to your building/development are assessed:
    • Fabric and structure
    • Core services
    • Local services
    • Interior design
  • Generally the credits are very similar to BREEAM New Construction. However, some are adapted to ensure they are relevant to a refurbishment project
  • Parts 3 and 4 can be carried out on a fit-out of a building that has already been certified under BREEAM New Construction Shell and Core. The building can then achieve fully fitted certification with a BREEAM rating for the entire process
  • As with BREEAM New Construction there are time limited credits and mandatory items. To ensure your targeted rating is achieved as easily and cost effectively as possible it’s important to appoint the BREEAM assessor as early as possible.

How you can earn Extra BREEAM Credits?

There is still much confusion when it comes to BREEAM, this often leads to many of the earlier BREEAM credits being missed which can then lead to the desired BREEAM rating not being achieved.

In addition to HRS having BREEAM assessors that will work alongside you throughout the life of your project, we also provide the following in-house services that can help you gain those much needed extra BREEAM credits.

Design Stage Credits:

      • Ecological surveys and reports including landscape and habitat management plan (up to 5 credits)
      • EPCs (up to 15 credits)
      • Flood risk assessment and surface water run-off calculations (up to 5 credits)
      • LZC feasibility study (1 credit)
      • Daylight modelling (up to 3 credits)
      • Indoor air quality plan (1 credit)
      • Passive design analysis (1 credit)
      • Life cycle costing (up to 3 credits)
      • Life cycle analysis (up to 6 credits)
      • Thermal modelling (1 credit)
      • Adaptability for a projected climate change (1 credit)
      • Acoustic design and consultancy (up to 5 credits)
      • Sustainability Champion (up to 3 credits)

Post Construction Credits:

      • EPCs (up to 15 credits)
      • Building User Guide (1 credit)
      • Post Occupancy Evaluation (1 credit)
      • Air tightness test plus thermographic survey (1 credit)
      • Acoustic testing (up to 5 credits)
      • Indoor air quality testing (1 credit)

If you are unsure of the BREEAM services you require please call 0800 030 4391 or email and one of HRS BREEAM Consultants would be happy to guide you through the process.

BREEAM UK Non Domestic Refurbishment and Fit-out

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