Cladding sampling involves testing cladding which has been made from Aluminium Composite Material (ACM). HRS Services utilise specialist rope access techniques to undertake cladding sampling on a range of different building types. Our clients include local authorities, housing associations and main contractors with projects spanning a range of major UK industry sectors including the hotel/leisure industry and the public sector (particularly hospitals).

Experience and track record

The HRS Services team has over 30 years experience providing Inspection and Maintenance services for a variety of infrastructure and building projects. We have a wealth of expertise working on high rise tower blocks via rope access, including the taking of cladding samples of all types for laboratory testing. HRS Services works across the UK and we have the capacity to mobilise teams for immediate project commencement.

We work efficiently but in detail and have the capability to sample large numbers of buildings and tower blocks quickly. Our rope access teams are all IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) qualified to meet the industry standard.

Inspections on Local Authority housing

In the wake of recent events, we are aware that the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has issued instructions to all local authorities and housing associations regarding the need to sample areas of cladding made from Aluminium Composite Material. Our team is keen to speak with local authorities and housing associations if our specialist rope access team can undertake the required inspection and cladding sampling work for your building stock.

Our IRATA qualified rope access team have the experience and ability to help you fulfil the DCLG requirement for your building stock to offer reassurance to owners and occupiers.

Make an enquiry about Cladding Sampling for your building stock

If you would like to engage the HRS Services rope access team to undertake cladding sampling inspection and testing on your building stock please call Kate White on 0114 201 4925 or email