Daylight and sunlight assessments provide calculations which advise during the pre-construction phase so that the building’s energy performance can be enhanced through effective use of natural light to maintain environment quality. HRS Services can offer Daylight and Sunlight Assessment services via our sister company Stroma Tech.

All services are carried out in accordance with BRE 209 (Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight).

Part L Compliance

The overall energy use of a building owes much to the consumption of energy via artificial lighting. Part L of the Building Regulations suggests that it is the designer’s responsibility to maximise the use of natural daylight, balance between lux levels and control solar heat gain. This is important for occupier comfort to ensure that spaces are adequately lit for their specific purpose.

Planning applications

Our daylight and sunlight calculations produce a report for clients which support planning applications for new developments to Local Authorities and for Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM purposes. The reports can include:

  • Visible Sky Angle
  • Vertical Sky Components
  • Annual Probable Sunlight Hours
  • Average Daylight Factors

We can also provide overshadowing assessments for basements and amenity areas.

Stroma Tech complete daylight and sunlight calculations using 3D modelling software. The calculations are done in accordance with BRE 209 and British Standard 8206-2: 2008, and take into account site features, obstructions and topography.

Maximum Envelope Calculation

We offer analysis of the maximum envelope size of the building through Maximum Envelope Calculations. This aids developers’ understanding of how much space they are able to utilise without having an adverse effect on the daylight and sunlight access to neighbouring buildings.

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Stroma Tech’s expert team can assist with offering Daylight and Sunlight Assessments on your project. You can request a quote by visiting their website, calling 0845 621 22 22 or emailing