Drone Surveys

HRS Services Ltd. has always been at the cutting edge when it comes to serving our clients by providing innovative new services using up-to-date technology and new methodologies. Starting in 2016 HRS have launched a professional CAA approved aerial inspection service using drones (technically Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAVs).

Thermal modelling example

With our already extensive in-house expertise of building inspections, bridge inspections and civil / structural engineering inspections the addition of drone capability allows us to offer an even wider range of solutions, particularly to areas where rope access or MEWPs are impractical or inefficient. Examples include large masts, pylons, chimneys, warehouse roofs, bridges, tower blocks, river walls and shafts. In the right situation drones deliver massively reduced costs and improved safety over more traditional hands-on methods of inspection. The close visual data we receive from the drone will be allied to our in-house engineering knowledge to produce in depth reports for our clients. We use a high definition camera shooting in RAW and 4K video and are now trialling thermal imaging, infra-red, and laser scanning capabilities.

Services we are developing include:

  • Structural and civil imaging in video and stills in high definition
  • Close inspections of bridges, buildings, highways and other infrastructure, topography, roofs, chimneys, masts, pylons, river walls, wind turbines, and many more
  • Internal and external surveys
  • Safety surveys
  • Emergency call outs
  • Infrared and Thermographic imaging
  • Laser scanning
  • Ecological surveys, such as nesting birds, and detection of possible bat roosts

Safety is HRS’s top priority and our professional pilots are fully insured and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved. This is the gold standard for UAV flying. All drone surveys are rigorously risk assessed individually prior to flying, and all proper authorities are informed including where relevant councils, police, and the CAA. On sensitive sites extra drone spotters and out-of-hours working may be required. HRS can advise on all of these elements to ensure your safety needs are met. And of course on dangerous sites there is the inherent safety factor of the operator being remote from the work site. If there has been a catastrophic structural failure then drones are the safest first step in their assessment. Drones can access areas where people can’t!

Drone surveying services UKThe drones HRS use have 360 degree capability, the photos are taken in raw and videos in either 4K or 1080p to ensure HRS clients get maximum quality.


In the UK quarries are required to carry out a statutory inspection on a biennial basis, as well as a visual inspection of faces above and below the working areas before normal operations can proceed. Typically these inspections are carried out by or at least overseen by a geologist or similar specialist.

These faces, especially if recently blasted are inherently dangerous surfaces and as such it is preferable if at all possible to assess remotely. Drones are perfect for this application being able to get in close without risk to personnel and cover large areas of ground in a short space of time. Setup for the work could not be simpler and the whole operation is conducted with minimal disruption to site function. Surfaces can be viewed from multiple heights and angles to identify cracks and suspended areas of loose material. With or without additional direction from a site geologist our pilots can collect high resolution stills and filmed footage for later review.

Our drones are a platform for a variety of specialist visualisation hardware thus expanding our quarry service to include topological survey and volumetric assessment.

To discuss if a drone survey is the best option for you, please call 0800 030 4391 or email  rebecca.oxley@hrsservices.co.uk

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