Electrical Thermography uses thermal imaging techniques to inspect electrical systems and ensure they are performing as expected. It can also help to diagnose degenerative faults before they become critical. HRS Services has an expert thermography team who can carry out Electrical Thermography surveys on your systems.

Why book an Electrical Thermography inspection?

There are a number of regulations and legislation (including the Electricity at Work Regulations Act 1989, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and 17th Edition Wiring Regulations) which recommends regular maintenance and inspection of electrical infrastructure in order to maintain compliance.

Thermal cameras can detect infrared radiation from an object and display it in the form of an image (thermogram). The amount of infrared radiation emitted from an object increases with temperature. This allows the camera to display useful information about an object’s temperature that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

In terms of electrical applications, it can be more useful than contact temperature measurements as it can display the temperature information of an entire panel or board in a single image quickly. This allows a performance comparison between similar components.

Benefits of Electrical Thermography

Thermal imaging is extremely useful as the investigation can be carried out safely whilst the electrical system is under normal load. This means that there is no need to shut down equipment and stop production. There are a number of associated benefits to employing HRS Services’ team of qualified thermographers:

  • Non-intrusive – surveys can be carried out without interrupting normal operation of the business
  • Increase equipment lifespan
  • Reduce running costs
  • Prevent equipment failure / fire risk
  • Reduce unnecessary down time

Experience and expertise

HRS uses PCN certified electrical thermographers with excellent engineering qualifications and experience of complex installations. All our surveys are carried out using high specification cameras. You will be provided with a full colour reports using high spec analysis software. Your report will highlight the equipment surveyed and show any temperature anomalies. It will also include comments on the possible cause of the anomaly and suggest remedial actions to be undertaken.

We can carry out electrical thermal imaging surveys on a range of electrical equipment including:

  • Distribution boards
  • Switch Panels and Switch Boards
  • Control Panels
  • Switch Fuses and Isolators
  • Servers

It is recommended that a follow-up survey is carried out at least every 12 months. The follow-up visits can be very useful as a comparison can be made between the current performance and the previous visit.

 Book an Electrical Thermography inspection

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