Energy use is increasingly vital in adhering to evolving carbon reduction and energy efficiency targets. HRS Services provide Energy Audit services via our sister company Stroma Tech. By undertaking a Stroma Tech Energy Audit our experienced energy auditors will review your energy usage in line with BS EN 16247 and can make energy saving recommendations.

Energy Audits

Our energy auditors will conduct a full review of your equipment, premises, systems and services. This covers the building fabric, HVAC systems, utilities, occupancy and transport implications. All Stroma Tech Energy Audits are carried out in compliance with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) regulations and we employ ESOS Lead Assessors for this purpose

We use the latest Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) software to build 3D thermal models to inform predictive energy modelling. This allows us to create an energy strategy, bespoke to your business, which can make recommendations on reducing your energy consumption.

You can request a free ESOS Review via the Stroma Tech website.

Energy Brokering

Stroma Tech’s Energy Brokering and Energy Bureau service can assist building managers in their negotiations with energy providers as a way to reduce energy costs. This means that our clients can focus on the important job of running their business.

Energy Monitoring

Clients can request a complete evaluation of their building stock from our energy management consultants in line with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES). We can help you achieve financial savings through the development of metering strategies and monitoring of energy usage to suggest methods of reduction.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

It is a mandatory requirement for UK businesses to undertake an ESOS assessment if:

  • A business employs over 250 employees
  • OR a turnover exceeding £38,937,777 AND a balance sheet exceeding £33,486,489

Stroma Tech has a strong track record of delivering ESOS energy audits to a large portfolio of major organisations and can assist your business in maintaining compliance.

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