Energy Statements and Sustainability Statements help in reducing carbon emissions and meeting Zero Carbon standards. HRS Services offers Energy Statements services via our sister company Stroma Tech. Our experienced energy consultancy team can help you to demonstrate a commitment to achieving sustainability and integration low or zero carbon technologies on your project

Energy Statements

These are concerned with helping clients meet energy objectives. Examples are the London Plan and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) reduction targets. We provide you with an energy statement to include:

  • Baseline annual CO2 emissions and energy costs
  • Energy efficiency of the building fabric
  • Heating, ventilation and lighting
  • LZC feasibility report – renewable energy technologies
  • Contribution and costs analysis of each proposed renewable energy technology

Our specialist services contribute to building the energy statement, including SAP calculations, SBEM calculations and Dynamic Simulation Modelling.

Sustainability Statements

Sustainability Statements are required by the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM assessments. They help to cover the key sustainability issues regarding proposed developments, including:

  • Energy efficiency of the building
  • Water efficiency calculations, flood risk assessment or surface water reporting
  • Material usage – reduce waste and increase recycling
  • Ecology report
  • Health and wellbeing – daylight analysis and thermal comfort
  • Pollution issues
  • Transport
  • Overheating

The London Plan

We can support your project for applications under the London Plan to help you prove compliance with climate change policies and for the integration of renewable technologies into new and existing buildings. Stroma Tech can also offer free Zero Carbon seminars to answer questions and offer advice about the London Plan.

Request further advice on Energy Statements

Our expert Energy Statement services can help you meet all targets and requirements for the Sustainability Checkpoints within the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. Speak to Stroma Tech’s energy consultancy team about Energy Statements by calling 0845 621 22 22, emailing or visiting their website.