Flood Risk & Drainage Assessments

Flood Risk & Drainage Assessments are usually required to accompany planning proposals to identify the threat of flooding for the proposed development and the measures by which the risk can be minimised or avoided. These assessments are a mandatory in certain flood zones and for sites over one hectare in area.  Such reports also contribute to BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes assessments and credit allocation.

HRS have established a reputation for providing a professional service tailored to our clients’ needs. Our team of specialist engineers can provide you with expert technical advice on Flood Risk and Drainage Assessments for a wide range and size of sites to meet your requirements, as well as the requirements set out in the National Planning Policy Framework advice and guidance. HRS are well versed in dealing with and satisfying the Environment Agency, the Lead Local Flood Authority, the local Water Authority and the local Planning Authority, as well as managing a project team’s expectations and vision.

The scope and details of the assessments will vary depending on the size and topography of the site, and which flood zone the site lies within. However, the key components of a FRDA are identifying the source of flood risk, be it tidal, fluvial, pluvial, groundwater, reservoir or artificial in nature. HRS remit extends further to reviewing the flood history, potentially modelling drainage systems, deriving the effect on critical water levels and identifying any influences on hydraulics, as well as providing solutions to flood risk issues. The inclusion of surface water drainage is also a key component to the assessment, as is the need to encourage and integrate the site proposals with Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS). HRS can provide you with appropriate and expert advice regarding the scope and detail of works required to maximise the opportunities and minimise the risks.

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