Founded in 1985, HRS Services is a multi-disciplinary services company based in Sheffield, providing over 30 years of specialist technical and practical expertise nationwide. Our inspection and maintenance services provide clients with the safest, most  cost-effective solutions to carrying out inspection, maintenance and examination of buildings where access is restricted or confined.

We work with an array of clients, councils, contractors and maintenance companies to maintain existing infrastructures, including historic buildings, tower blocks, Government buildings, road and rail networks and many more.

HRS Services Limited became a part of the Stroma Group in 2017, to form one of the UK’s largest providers of sustainability, inspection and maintenance services for the built environment. Our proactive and client-focused approach ensures the most appropriate solutions are applied to ensure compliance and high-levels of sustainability are achieved for your developments.

We offer a range of services targeted towards Facility Management companies and Housing Associations.

Inspection and Maintenance to High Rise Buildings

We use rope access and other working at height methods to safely and efficiently carry out inspection and maintenance works. Rope access reduces the time on site, is more cost effective and means our trained teams are able to reach areas of the building which may be inaccessible using traditional methods.

  • Hands on visual building surveys and safe removal of any loose material identified
  • All aspects of concrete and masonry testing: chloride content, cement content, high alumina cement, carbonation depth, concrete cover depth, core samples, wall tie surveys  PS1000 rebar mapping, cavity investigations, and verticality surveys
  • Storm damage repair/mitigation and leak investigations
  • Maintenance work including painting, installation, concrete repair, window, post-construction and general cleaning
  • Drone Surveys

Building Thermography Services:

Thermal cameras can detect infrared radiation from an object and display it in the form of an image.  Building Thermography uses thermal imaging to inspect the fabric of a building to ensure it is performing as expected.

What can be surveyed?

  • Increased heat loss or gain/thermal comfort
  • Insulation defects/thermal bridging
  • Moisture ingress
  • Water leaks (underfloor heating/district heating etc.)
  • Air leakage issues
  • Performance of heating systems
  • Locating heating pipes (underground/in walls)
  • Identifying areas of potential condensation risk

What are the benefits of using Building Thermography?

  • Reduce heating costs/energy usage
  • Increase thermal comfort
  • Uncover issues that haven’t manifested themselves physically yet (i.e. identify potential condensation/moisture risk);
  • Conflict resolution – can be used as evidence against poor workmanship.

Electrical Thermography Services:

Electrical Thermography uses thermal imaging to inspect electrical systems and ensure they are performing as expected and diagnose degenerative faults before they become critical.

What can be surveyed?

  • Distribution Boards
  • Switch Panels and Switch Boards
  • Control Panels
  • Switch Fuses and Isolators
  • Servers

What are the benefits of using Electrical Thermography?

  • Predict equipment failure
  • Reduce fire risk
  • Increase equipment lifespan
  • Reduce running costs
  • Reduce unnecessary down time, ensuring increased productivity
  • To comply with insurance company policy

HRS also provide a range of Environmental services to Housing Associations, including:

  • Environmental Noise and Vibration Impact Analysis
  • Acoustic Design and Testing
  • Air Tightness Consultancy and Testing
  • Energy Modelling;
  • Air Quality Services
  • Life Cycle Costing and Life Cycle Environmental Impact Analysis.

If you have any questions or would like a quote for any of the services above, please email or call 0114 201 4925.