Home Quality Mark (HQM)

What is the Home Quality Mark (HQM)?

It is a voluntary scheme which aims to allow home buyers to make smart choices and will allow developers to demonstrate the high quality of their homes.

Like Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM, credits are awarded in different sections to give a final rating (1 to 5 stars). Alongside the final rating are 3 indicators: Living Cost, Health and Wellbeing and Environmental Footprint.

Home Quality Mark – Star Rating

The 1 to 5 star rating provides home owners and potential buyers to see how energy efficient a house is, in a very quick and easy way.

5 is the best rating a house can achieve.

The Benefits to House Builders

The benefit to house builders is that they are able to demonstrate the quality of the homes they have built and differentiate them in the housing marketplace.

It will also provide the people that are buying / renting a quality mark star rating home with expert, impartial information on building quality and running costs, as well as the positive benefits of living in a healthy home.

Who Gives the Home Quality Mark Rating?

The Home Quality Mark Rating can only be issued by fully trained and licensed professional assessors; they are the only ones that can score the wide ranging aspects of a new home and then award the house an overall quality rating. HRS’s Home Quality Mark Assessor would be happy to discuss in more detail how the scores are awarded or provide any other information or a quotation for this service.

What issues does Home Quality Mark address?

Sections Categories Issues
Our surroundings Transport and movement Accessible Public Transport
Alternative Sustainable Transport Options
Local Amenities
Outdoors Ecology
Recreational Space
Safety and resilience Flood Risk
Managing the Impact of Rainfall
My Home Comfort Indoor Pollutants
Internal and external noise
Sound insulation
Energy & Cost Energy Forecast and Cost
Decentralised Energy
Impact on Local Air Quality
Materials Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products
Environmental Impact from Construction Products
Life Cycle Costing of Materials
Durability of Construction Products
Space Drying Space
Access and Space
Recyclable Waste
Water Water Efficiency
Knowledge Sharing Home Delivery Commissioning and Performance
Quality Improvement
Considerate Construction
Construction Energy Use
Construction Water Use
Site Waste
User Experience Aftercare
Home Information
Smart Homes
Future Learning Post Occupancy Evaluation

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