Noise and Vibration Surveys

What are noise and vibration surveys?

Noise and vibration surveys are undertaken in order to determine prevailing noise and vibration levels in the vicinity of a project. These noise and vibration levels may have an effect on the design of the scheme, whether that is in needing to limit noise intrusion, guarding against external services or activities contributing significantly to the local environmental noise, or ensuring that vibration from nearby sources does not potentially damage sensitive equipment.

Planning and noise

Using the results of HRS noise and vibration surveys, HRS’s acoustic consultants can provide you with the advice you need and work with you to ensure you obtain planning permission.

It’s good to be aware that some Local Planning Authorities may impose a variety of conditions covering noise and vibration issues associated with a development. HRS’s acoustic consultants are here to help – HRS can provide acoustic assessments for the discharge of these conditions.

Protecting people from noise

An important factor in construction and developments in residential communities is ensuring that the amenity of existing and future occupants is protected from noise intrusion; Local Planning Authorities routinely apply noise level limits to developments in order to do this.

Noise surveys can help identify if there is a need for the design of a building to take a special approach to limiting the potential for noise nuisance. It’s best for surveys to be undertaken early so that these factors can be understood from an early stage.

If you are working on a development that would typically be regarded as having the potential to increase the exposure of nearby occupants to noise during construction or use, or if development is being proposed close to an existing source of noise, such as a busy road then you should expect that a noise survey will be part of the planning requirements.

Effects of vibration

Vibration is a typically more rarely thought of source of annoyance for building occupants, but can have similar effects to noise exposure. HRS are able to undertake vibration exposure assessments of proposed schemes where existing or future impact of vibration may be seen as being a risk towards the serenity of occupants, adequately protecting sensitive equipment or causing superficial or more severe damage to buildings themselves.

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