The costs associated with operating and running a building, including energy, maintenance and repair, operating and decommissioning are, in total, typically ten times its capital cost. And the cost of the core services that the building is designed to support – education, healthcare, accommodation and so on – are an order of magnitude greater still.

This is why HRS have launched our post occupancy evaluation service; answering questions that include: How well does the completed building fulfil the original brief? What does the end user think of their workplace? How does the energy consumption compare to the design intent? How effectively and efficiently did the design and construction team deliver? What lessons can be learnt for future projects? What opportunities exist right now to make low cost improvements in the environment we have created?

The appointment of a consultant to undertake a post-occupancy evaluation, as part of a wider portfolio of handover measures, attracts One BREEAM credit under Man 05 Aftercare. As such it ties in with the BSRIA ‘Soft Landings’ process. Whatever your POE requirements, HRS has the expertise to meet them.