Protected Species Surveys

Planning conditions and client requirements define the scope and scale of species surveys required.

Species surveys and movements are restricted to particular times of the year. If these are missed, considerable delays to the programme may result, as ecology surveys must normally be completed before a start on site can be made.

For the developer and their professional team, it is vital to ensure that all ecological reports from the planning application stage of the project are include in the tender documentation for the contractor. This will ensure that the earliest possible start can be made on the construction stage survey work. HRS’s ecologies will check this documentation to ensure the project has undertaken all the relevant surveys to meet the relevant UK and EU legislation.

Be aware that buildings that may have been assessed as having low potential for roosting bats at planning stage may be upgraded at construction phase, so the earlier that a construction stage bat survey can be undertaken the better.

If the project has a multiple stakeholder and consultancy involvement at design and planning stages, try and shorten the lines of communication for the relevant information, such as landscape plans, for Ecology Reports – this will expedite the process.

Ecological surveys timetable

An indicative timetable for ecological surveys in the UK is provided below. This is a guide only and our advice should be sought to plan a survey programme in detail.

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