Rail Inspection & Maintenance Services are provided by HRS Services’ STE 04 qualified and IRATA registered team of inspectors. We have over 30 years’ experience working across rail infrastructure projects of any size throughout the UK using a variety of specialist rope access and difficult access techniques. In addition, we are at the cutting edge of technological development to enhance the quality and efficiency of client reporting through our Automated Visual Reporting System (AVR).

Structural Inspection, Examination and Maintenance for rail infrastructure

We provide a range of services to contractors and Network Rail to help ensure a safe, efficient rail network. We work at height using specialist rope access and other techniques to reduce possession times and equipment costs. Detailed Inspections and Visual Inspections, Rail Examinations and vegetation removal are amongst our wide ranging service catalogue:

Rail Inspection & Maintenance Services

  • Detailed and Visual Inspections
  • Difficult access maintenance works using Rope Access
  • Scour Assessments for rail bridges
  • Confined Spaces Surveying for hidden and blind tunnel shafts
  • Drone Surveys
  • De-vegetation on rail structures, slopes and embankments
  • Ecological surveys of structures for nesting birds and protected species (e.g. bats)

We can also provide bespoke services to match specific client project requirements.

Why HRS Services?

With over 30 years’ of working on the rail network we understand that safety, service, cost and report efficiency are paramount to our clients. Since 1990 we have inspected over 1,000 structures on live railways and more than 3,000 disused rail structures. We are a current delivery partner to HS1 and have a full scope of services which can be engaged on the HS2 project. Our portfolio of previous project experience includes work on Forth Rail Bridge and Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

With in-house engineers, a dedicated reports team and advanced technology, our clients receive a fast turnaround on reports. Our specialist rope access, drone and confined space techniques represent the only safe and cost effective way to carry out rail inspection work. This includes dramatically reducing possession times.

We will work with you to prepare a structure specific inspection plan and are committed to regular client communication throughout the inspection programme. Our innovative, cost-effective and safe solutions can help you finish your rail project on time and within budget.

Establishing IRATA

The principal founders of HRS Services believed in a ‘safety first’ approach for our clients and it was important to us that this become the industry standard. In the late 1980s we helped to form IRATA (the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) and we are proud that our pioneering rope access techniques are now regarded as the safest method of carrying out difficult access works.

Our Track Record

HRS Services has carried out bridge works on everything from portfolios of small structures to some of the UK’s most famous bridges such as – Forth Rail Bridge, Forth Road Bridge, Gateshead Millennium Bridge, Tamar Bridge, Britannia Bridge, Transporter Bridge. We have also inspected a wide range of bridges for Network Rail across the UK including work on Medway and Thurrock Viaducts for HS1.

Request a quote for Rail Inspection & Maintenance services

Contact our friendly I&M Team to request a quote for your rail infrastructure project. You can also select to receive information about our complementary environmental sustainability services to allow HRS Services to provide compliance support throughout your project.

Contact us on 0800 030 4391 or e-mail rebecca.oxley@hrsservices.co.uk