Rope Access is one of our key services in the Inspection and Maintenance of UK infrastructure. HRS Services provides Roped Access and difficult access services for Rail, Highways, Buildings, Culverts, Masts & Towers and other types of structure. As one of the founder members of IRATA (the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) all our rope access technicians are fully trained to provide a safe and efficient service to our clients.

Why choose HRS Services?

Roped Access solutions are a vital means of inspecting and maintaining structural assets when more traditional means of access are impossible or extremely costly. It allows an inspector to safely gather data about the structural integrity of a rail bridge, highways bridge or other assets. Our inspectors can safely access unusual or difficult structures to carry out inspections or maintenance works. Speed and flexibility combined with the safest method of working at height make rope access the preferred choice for inspection and maintenance work. It also provides a time and cost-effective alternative to scaffolding.

Our experience in Roped Access work includes:

Rope Access Inspections

We are highly experienced in the inspection, maintenance and examination of structures (including inspection for assessments). This allows us to deliver specialist services to our clients using difficult access methods such as Rock Netting & Slope Stabilisation, Concrete and Masonry Testing, Leak Investigations, Access Assistance and Maintenance Work. We have experience working on a wide range of structures including bridges, high rise buildings, power stations, masts, silos, retaining walls, water towers, shafts, dams and many more.

Rope access equipment is extremely lightweight and portable allowing rapid set up and removal. Our highly trained rope access technicians are able to be safely lowered into the correct location as well as material and equipment. The flexibility of rope access equipment enables a faster completion than conventional access methods and generates vital cost savings.

What is Rope Access?

Rope access is a proven method of achieving safe work positioning at height and in other difficult access areas. It has evolved from techniques used for decades in climbing and caving which have been adapted for the work environment:

  • It is recognised worldwide as being one of the safest ways to undertake works at height
  • All HRS technicians are independently assessed and training includes rescue procedures
  • A roped access technician has an independent anchorage point and carries regularly inspected and maintained equipment. Each technician’s ropes have a fail-safe descent mechanism
  • All secondary tools and equipment are attached by lanyards to worker’s harness or a separate suspension system

For more information view the IRATA Code of Practice (ICOP) or their health & safety statistics

Benefits of Rope Access

  • More cost-effective than traditional means of access
  • Reduced occupation times on site – all equipment can be installed and uninstalled very efficiently reducing the risk of theft or vandalism
  • Minimal disruption to building occupants, pedestrians and traffic flow
  • Our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to suit the client’s requirements
  • Closer proximity to the structure allows improved data accuracy
  • HRS employs Automated Visual Reporting (AVR) software to collect asset data on a mobile device on site

Establishing IRATA

The principal founders of HRS Services believed in a ‘safety first’ approach for our clients and it was important to us that this became the industry standard. In the late 1980s, we helped to form IRATA. We are proud that our pioneering roped access techniques are now regarded as the safest method of carrying out difficult access works.

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