Thermal Modelling

What is Thermal Modelling?

Thermal modelling involves taking designs and building specifications, representing them in a 3 dimensional model and running a year-long simulation to provide detailed results.

The thermal model is a bespoke model for a particular building with a specific location and orientation. Once the thermal model has been constructed, it can be used to influence the building’s design specifications. Changes can be made to U-Values and to building services specifications to assess the effect those changes may have on controlling internal temperatures.


Benefits of using thermal model early in the design process:

  • It can really help in making critical decisions which could lead to reduction in building costs and a highly energy efficient building with lower running costs
  • Predict the likelihood of overheating during the summer months
  • Predict the energy demands for lighting, heating etc for certain months or for a year
  • Daylight calculations can help designers to minimise artificial lighting and maximise available natural light
  • Can be used to demonstrate compliance with BREEAM 2014 Hea 04, BREEAM 2011 Hea 03 and BREEAM 2008 Hea 10
  • Likely energy requirements can be tied in with associated CO2 emissions and fed back into sustainability/planning reports
  • Solar shading analysis can be used to assist summer shading requirements or selecting most appropriate solar panel locations

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