Water Efficiency Calculations are required for new dwellings in order to achieve compliance with Code for Sustainable Homes and Part G of the Building Regulations. These calculations must be submitted at the design AND ‘as built’ stages. HRS Services can offer Water Efficiency Calculations via our sister company Stroma Tech.

Compliance with Part G

Part G of the Building Regulations states that new dwellings must achieve a maximum water usage figure of 125 litres per person per day. If the dwelling is non-compliant then there could be a detrimental effect on the SAP calculation (Standard Assessment Procedure) and therefore the EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).

Compliance with Code for Sustainable Homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes stipulates the targets for water usage that must be achieved by new dwellings through the WAT 1 category:

  • Levels 1 & 2 – less than or equal to 120L per day
  • Levels 3 & 4 – less than or equal to 105L per day
  • Levels 5 & 6 – less than or equal to 80L per day

Stroma Techs Water Efficiency Calculations

Stroma Tech’s experienced team of assessors can assist if your project specification is not on target to meet the required limits. Our advice includes methods of resolution to ensure that a submission can be successfully made to Building Control.

We will review your current plans and specifications against the requirements of your Local Authority. By calculating the water usage we can then make the necessary recommendations to ensure you meet the requirements.

Request a quote for Water Efficiency Calculations

Stroma Tech’s expert team can assist with offering Water Efficiency Calculations on your project. We are experienced working on projects throughout the industry delivery a variety of specialist energy efficiency services. You can request a quote by visiting their website, calling 0845 621 22 22 or emailing comply@stroma.com.