Water Infrastructure Inspection & Maintenance Services are provided by HRS Services’ EUSR certified team of inspectors. Our experience spans more than 30 years of inspecting shafts, culverts, retaining walls, tanks and viaducts across a number of different water assets. We also employ specialist mobile technology to allow our inspectors to collect accurate real time data on water infrastructure for inclusion in client reports.

Water Inspection and Maintenance Services

Regular inspection and maintenance of Water Infrastructure is vital to maintain control over water levels and safely preserve your assets. HRS Services work with clients including water companies, river authorities and public bodies to maintain infrastructure including tanks, rivers, aqueducts, viaducts and reservoirs: HRS offers:

Water Infrastructure Inspection & Maintenance Services

  • Inspectors holding EUSR water hygiene certification
  • 32 years experience of inspecting shafts, culverts, retaining walls, tanks and viaducts
  • Experience in working at height and in confined spaces, supported by IRATA accreditation
  • Chartered civil engineers with knowledge of inspection & maintenance on a broad range of structures
  • Dedicated reports team, ensuring that your inspection reports are turned around rapidly

We are experienced working with and for engineers to obtain Water Infrastructure data that our clients may struggle to access.

Specialist Water Infrastructure Inspections

  • Difficult access to high structures (including dams, tall tanks, silos and large plant)
  • Detailed examination of masonry, concrete and steel structures for viaducts and aqueducts
  • Visual examination of balancing ponds, cascades, flumes, pumping stations, infiltration ponds and drop inlets
  • Inspection and repairs to brick lined shafts
  • Confined space work to access culverts, ducts, containment vessels and other restricted spaces

Drone Inspections for Water Infrsatructure

Our Drone Surveys allow us to inspect structures quickly from inaccessible areas. Advances in imaging technology allow us to capture images and video, carry out thermal imaging assessments and produce accurate 3D models. This data can be provided to clients so that comparisons can be made over time in order to plan appropriate maintenance activity.

Why HRS Services?

We provide clients with the safest and most cost effective solutions to the inspection of all Water Infrastructure assets. For each inspection our engineers will prepare a bespoke plan, including non-destructive testing, to meet your requirements. Our services include:

  • A client focused approach tailored to your individual needs
  • Fast turnaround in quotations and project work on site
  • Inspection teams deployed on a nationwide basis
  • Works are available 7 days a week at our clients’ convenience

Our dedicated Inspection & Maintenance team has worked on all major UK infrastructure types including Rail, Highways, Buildings, Masts and Towers. We employ a ‘Safety First’ approach meaning all inspectors are briefed on a structure specific inspection plan before attending site. All risk assessments, site feedback and audit information is reviewed regularly to ensure we maintain our extremely high standards and excellent safety record.

Request a quote for Water Infrastructure Inspection & Maintenance services

Contact our friendly I&M Team to request a quote for your Water Infrastructure project. There is more information about our experience and track record available in our Capability Statement.

To discuss your requirements or for HRS to put together a bespoke solution, please e-mail rebecca.oxley@hrsservices.co.uk or call 0800 030 4391.